Top 5 cities to visit in the US on a first trip

In short, here are my top 5 things to see on a first trip to the USA . But before that don’t forget to get prepared for your journey to America. For that reason you can use my article where I share few advices on how to prepare to your first trip to the US.

Top 5 cities to visit in the US on a first trip:

Visit New York

New York is the absolute inevitability of a trip to the United States . It’s simple: we believe ourselves in the setting of a giant movie from the first step in the city. Yellow taxis, sounds, colors, skyscrapers, Central Park, … We feel very small and at the same time the city exudes incredible energy. And yet, I’m far from being a city fan: my thing is nature and the great outdoors. But New York is truly a unique experience that I recommend to everyone!

See San Francisco

Without Francisco it is the most European city of the United States. Whether at the level of architecture, the general atmosphere, or even the mentality of the inhabitants. We love or hate its hippie chic side, but in any case it’s up to see. The Golden Gate Bridge is worth a visit, especially in the early morning when it is still in the mist. Beware of the climate, because San Francisco may be in California, but it is still cool outside of the season.

See Seattle

Ten years ago, no tourist would have thought of going to Seattle. Today, tourism is exploding in the city. And I’m sure you know why. No ? Because it is the city that serves as a backdrop to the Fifty Shades of Gray story . Many ‘special Christian Gray’ tours have appeared since the novel’s success, and it’s not uncommon to meet fans in search of its iconic locations. Fortunately, Seattle is a city whose interest goes well beyond this story to the rose water (you will forgive me, I really did not hang …). For nature lovers, there is plenty to see and do around Seattle.

See New Orleans and Louisiana

Devastated by the terrible hurricane Katrina a few years ago, New Orleans still has a lot to offer to passing visitors. If you like history, its atypical past will fascinate you. Marked by French, Creole, African and of course …

How to prepare to your first trip to the US

Are you planning to travel to the United States ? Good idea: this huge country is full of wonders and it is not the things to see that will be missed during your trip! To help you sort it out,here are some Ideas for your trip to the USA.

Find a cheap flight

As the United States is quite far from home, we tend to think that the price of airline tickets will explode the budget. However, there is often a way to find cheap tickets to the US , looking at the right price comparators (my preference is Skyscanner, but it’s not the only one). Once the plane ticket is in your pocket, you still have something important to do …

Do the paperwork before you leave

It is not particularly difficult to enter the United States, contrary to what we imagine. At the paperwork level, you just need to have a valid passport and apply for ESTA on time. US customs officers check all that on arrival in their territory. They will ask you some questions of use, then will let you in while wishing you a good stay (or not, according to their mood .

Decide which part of America you want to see

Before you book, take the time of the year into consideration and the place which you’re visiting. A trip can be challenging in this period in the central and southern parts of the country, so monitor the situation before the event through the website of the National Hurricane Center.

Think about your health and other insurance

Another vital thing about the United States is health insurance. The United States does not have a Free State system like some countries, and if there is a problem, medical expenses can be very expensive. If you do not properly cover travel insurance, you will personally cover any medical expenses you may need, which can easily reach thousands of dollars.

At the end…

USA is considered as one of the most beautiful places on the earth and attracts tourists across the globe. Enterprise car rental BWI 24 hours service in USA allows you to enjoy the nightlife also. If you are planning for a trip to USA and want to know about the major attraction and places to visit, look up for the next article where I wiil tell you about top 5 cities to